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BBC hopes for quick decision on Kangaroo

The BBC iPlayer will complement Kangaroo
The BBC iPlayer will complement Kangaroo

The BBC Worlwide, along with the other broadcasters involved, said they need more time from the Competition Commission to prepare a case for the proposed collaborative Kangaroo video-on-demand (VOD) service.

Esther Brown from BBC Worldwide told TechRadar that none of the broadcasters could have met the original 6 August deadline, so have been given more time.

"The Competition Commission did say that if we manage to get the information needed together early, the decision (over the Kangaroo project) could be reached before mid-January," she said.

Next step

After the project has made it past the Competition Commission, Kangaroo will go before the BBC Trust, which needs to ratify any projects before they can be actioned.

Brown also said she expected the Kangaroo service to complement the BBC iPlayer, rather than cannibalise the audience.

"The iPlayer shows programmes from 0-7 days, and Kangaroo will offer shows from after that," she said.

"The offer will really link well with the iPlayer."

Brown added that the success of the iPlayer has helped VOD become more popular, driving traffic not just to the BBC but also rival services as viewers realise they can access this content online.