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'HBO Now' streaming service launch date and pricing revealed?

Game of Thrones

HBO has been silent regarding its highly anticipated standalone streaming service ever since first announcing it, but new details may have finally broken today.

The HBO streaming service will be called "HBO Now," and it will launch in April for $15 (about £10, AU$20) per month, according to the International Business Times.

this report also reinforces earlier rumors - and common sense - that HBO will launch the service to coincide with the premiere of the new Game of Thrones season.

The only reason HBO might hesitate is to avoid a messy launch caused by a massive surge of Thrones viewers - the same crowd that breaks HBO Go during premieres and finales every year.

Interestingly HBO Now might launch on Apple TV, likely among other platforms, with a standalone app that probably won't look too different from HBO Go.

Via The Verge