Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being turned into a movie

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With Disney wrapping up the Skywalker saga with this Christmas's Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, where does the movie series set in a galaxy far, far away turn next for inspiration?

The answer, it now seems, is to the Star Wars computer games. According to a report from Buzzfeed News, a new movie based on Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic series is in the works.

A script is said to be in the works by writer and producer Laeta Kalogridis, with the team "finishing the first script of a potential KotOR trilogy", according to "three sources," close to the matter.

The next generation

The news follows a tease by Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy back at the Star Wars Celebration event in April, where she said the studio was "developing something to look at" based on the gaming franchise.

Kalogridis has worked on some big name projects over the years, most recently as showrunner on Netflix's Altered Carbon series, with other credits including Alexander, Shutter Island, Terminator Genisys and Alita: Battle Angel. That's a mixed bag, to put it kindly.

Before you get your hopes up, a script being in development does not mean a final film will be produced of course, and the current generation of Star Wars film development has been fraught with false starts.

But Bioware's story-driven RPG series, set thousands of years before Luke Skywalker is born, is fertile ground for adaptation, with the conflict between the Sith and Jedi at its height. With two single player games and a whole MMO's worth of content to pull from (not to mention many a comic book), there are many directions the film could go in too.

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