Disney+ has yet another Star Wars TV show in the works

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Image Credit: LucasFilm

Worried you might run out of Star Wars content? Disney+ has you covered: while two live-action Star Wars TV series were already confirmed for the incoming streaming service, it looks like we've got even more on the way.

As reported by Deadline, Disney CEO Bob Iger has revealed the existence of a third live-action series set in the Star Wars universe, which will be joining the Rogue One prequel and The Mandalorian spin-off show on the Disney+ service.

Disney+ will be launching on November 12 this year in the United States, with a wider rollout expected in 2020. Given the next big Star Wars event – Star Wars Episode IX – is hitting theaters in December, we expect Disney won't cannibalize their own fandom by launching a Star Wars show in the same month. 

We need something to watch once Episode IX has left theaters, after all – and we're hoping the first show or two won't land until the service has expanded to the UK and beyond.

Iger didn't let on what the third TV show would cover, but space is a big place – and Star Wars won't exactly run out of planets or characters they can mine for new shows.

Disney's content strategy so far makes us think another star-led prequel could be possible: maybe a mini-series covering Finn's time as a Stormtrooper, or an origin story for Andy Serkis' Supreme Leader Snoke (who we still know so little about)? Or things could hark back even further with spin-offs for Obi-Wan or Yoda, though Disney may wish to focus on more current characters.

Whatever it ends up being, Disney+ will no doubt have even more surprises for us down the line. It looks like the Star Wars universe – and Disney itself – is set to get a whole lot bigger.

Henry St Leger

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