Spider-Man: No Way Home fans are convinced its trailer will land very soon

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to land in theaters in just over six months' time, and post-production on the webslinger's third MCU outing is currently ongoing.

It's why we haven't seen (or even heard) about a possible teaser trailer - but MCU fans are convinced that this could change as early as next week.

Over the past week, multiple Twitter and Reddit users have been posting images and other information that they claim to be proof that a Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser will be released during, or after, Memorial Day weekend.

We'll preface this by saying that none of the following information, comments and images serve as confirmation that a No Way Home trailer drop is imminent. 

While it would be thrilling to get our first taste of the Spider-Man threequel in a matter of days, you should take all of this with a giant pinch of salt for now. It's nothing more than speculation at this point, but it's intriguing to see people put the dots together and suggest that a teaser may be inbound.

With that out of the way, let's look at the evidence - and you can make your own mind up once we're done.

Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer may land on Tom Holland's birthday

Spider-Man: No Way Home

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The first piece of speculation relates to the birthday of Spider-Man himself. Yes, that's actor Tom Holland, who is the third individual to portray a live-action version of Peter Parker and his superhero alter-ego.

Holland's birthday occurs on June 1, which is a Tuesday this year. Given that the Memorial Day holiday weekend ends on Monday, May 31 (it's also the late May bank holiday in the UK this weekend), fans have put two and two together and think that Marvel Studios will celebrate Holland's birthday by releasing a No Way Home teaser.

As some Reddit users have proposed, releasing a teaser trailer on the birthday of the film's star seems like a legitimate thing for Marvel to do. The studio has previous for this, too, as it dropped the first trailer for its upcoming Shang-Chi movie on star Simu Liu's birthday on April 19.

Of course, this may just be a one-off on Marvel's part. Still, it's fun to speculate that the studio would do likewise for Holland.

There are other rumors, such as those in the above Reddit link, that claim Holland will be making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week, too, and that the trailer will premiere then. We're unconvinced about that possibility, though.

Spider-Man: No Way Home's distributor is seemingly ramping up its movie marketing

Marvel isn't the only studio with a hand in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sony Pictures, which owns the Spider-Man license and those of his many adversaries, is the company that distributes any of the wallcrawler's films, as well as being co-producers on the MCU movies concerning the iconic character.

Recently, Sony Pictures' various YouTube channels, including its Austrian and Vietnamese language channels, have updated their cover images to promote Spider-Man: No Way Home. Until earlier this week, these channels had banners that were promoting another Sony superhero movie in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

It's strangely convenient that multiple Sony YouTube channels would change their header images, to No Way Home's logo, if an announcement wasn't coming soon. Sure, they could be updating them for a future trailer reveal, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Spider-Man: No Way Home merchandise has landed online

Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Sony)

Next up, eagle-eyed fans have spotted Spider-Man: No Way Home merchandise online. Per one Reddit thread, Amazon UK has begun to sell sweatshirts and tank tops adorned with the No Way Home logo.

It's likely that Amazon is simply gearing up for the film's release in December 2021. However, Amazon began listing Marvel's Eternals merchandise back in March, so the mega corporation has previous for showing off official merch before the release of a Marvel movie trailer.

The difference with this aspect of the No Way Home trailer rumor, though, is that Marvel's Eternals didn't receive a trailer until two months after its official merchandise was spotted online.

If that's the case for No Way Home, we shouldn't expect to see a Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer for another two months. It wouldn't arrive until late July, then, which seems like a more plausible release date. 

Filming apparently wrapped in March (per ComicBook.com), but there's plenty of post-production, edits and possible reshoots that may need to take place. We shouldn't expect a trailer, even if it is just a teaser, to have been assembled in less than eight weeks. Editing a trailer is possible in that time frame, but it would have to be devoid of any CGI elements, and we can't see that being plausible at this moment in time.

Finally, there's the fact that Spider-Man was trending on Twitter earlier this week.

However, it didn't concern No Way Home. It was all to do with a former UK government adviser - Dominic Cummings - making mention of the infamous Spider-Man pointing meme as part of a committee cross-examination into the UK government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spider-Man fans were, naturally, disappointed to discover that this was the reason behind the character trending online. That, coupled with another tongue-in-cheek tweet about Sony 'releasing' the Spider-Man trailer, ensured that fans haven't been happy in recent days.

That dissatisfaction wasn't helped by Sony Pictures UK's Twitter account, either. Posting a gif of Holland's Spider-Man from Far From Home alongside the caption "Us seeing Spider-Man trending", the team in charge of the studio's UK social media accounts couldn't resist making fun of the webslinger's fanbase over the issue.

Does the accompanying caption, though, suggest that a trailer could be inbound? True, the tweet may just be Sony Pictures UK having some fun at our expense - but what if they were concerned that a possible No Way Home trailer had been leaked ahead of schedule?

Sony has a history of information leaking out before it should. This includes the massive Sony email hack that occurred back in December 2014, which revealed the first conversations between Marvel and Sony about bringing Spider-Man to the MCU (per the Wall Street Journal). It isn't out the realms of possibility, then, that Sony Pictures UK's Twitter team had initially worried about a No Way Home trailer leak.

Analysis: will a Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer drop next week?

Spider-Man 3

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Sony)

We suspect not. As we mentioned above, all of this appears to be companies preparing for No Way Home's arrival later this year, and a trailer reveal when Marvel and Sony are ready to release it.

There's some fascinating detective work from Reddit and Twitter users about this, and we can certainly see why it's caught the attention of many MCU and Spider-Man fans this week. 

Whether it's enough to strongly suggest that a trailer is incoming, though, leaves us unconvinced. We'd love it if a No Way Home teaser arrives next Monday or Tuesday but, for now, we're guessing that it'll be another month or two before a teaser heads our way.

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