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This Apple HomePod deal comes in at under $200 - a fantastic price on Apple's answer to the smart speaker. Best Buy are offering 2018's luxury audio at just $199 this week - an impressive $100 off an intelligent speaker with some serious music smarts. It's rare to see an Apple HomePod sit at this price, as Apple rarely discounts these kinds of products. We're not complaining though - this smart speaker deal is a world apart from your standard Echo, and has the specs to prove it. 

The vastly powerful tech housed inside this shell goes a long way to justify its usual $300 price tag. There's amazing audio in here, at a quality that you just don't see from other smart speakers that aren't Bose (and you'll be paying far more for those). Its A8 processor enables not only an enhanced feature set but also a premium sound quality with intelligent features. 

This is a smart speaker with more oomph, and at $199, an excellent Apple HomePod deal. Apple's contribution to the market offers vastly improved sound quality over its competitors, as well as spatial recognition to allow the speaker itself to adjust its audio to the room size and shape. There's also a six-microphone array to ensure Siri can always hear you over the top of your room-filling tunes. 

Remember, this is an Apple smart speaker, however. That means you'll only be able to hook up the rest of your smart home if it is Apple Home Kit compatible. That shouldn't be a problem if you're just kitting out your smart home, or if you're just after a speaker with intelligent processing and Siri functionality but it is something to be wary of if you've already got an ecosystem going. 

This Apple HomePod deal is a rare opportunity to grab your Siri-enabled, high-performance speaker from Apple for less, so if you've had your eye on one in the run-up to the holidays, now is the time to jump. Catching any Apple HomePod deal makes for a great day, but saving $100 on one is even better. The Apple HomePod is currently available at Best Buy for $199. 

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Apple HomePod - space gray / white | $299.99 $199.99 at Best Buy
The HomePod is Apple's answer to the smart speakers of Amazon and Google, but brings far more power to the party. You're getting an intelligent smart speaker with spatial awareness and A8 processing for high-performance audio. Siri's also kicking around in there, with support for a range of smart home and virtual assistant functions.

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