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The best Google Nest Mini deals and prices in November 2019

best google nest mini deals sales and prices
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The Google Nest Mini has just been announced, and while the price will likely remain stable during its initial launch, there are always deals to be had. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing Google Home Mini, or taking the first step into your smart home ecosystem, it might be worth shopping around to get your Google Nest Mini at the best price. 

The Google Nest Mini takes on all the features of its predecessor, and adds handy hardware improvements that quell some of the device's earlier issues. Whether you're in need of a personal Google Assistant around your home, or simply want to dim the lights, the Nest Mini acts as a smart home hub with a boosted bass to boot.

You can check out all the best Google Nest Mini deals and prices in our comparison chart below, and if the Google Home Mini deals are anything to go by, you'll want to keep an eye on these prices. Already using Amazon Prime or a Fire TV Stick? You might want to consider opting for an Amazon Echo deal instead.

The best Black Friday Google Nest Mini deals

While the Google Nest Mini price will likely stay put post-launch, Black Friday is just around the corner so be sure to stay up to date on all the Black Friday deals over the big weekend!

cheap google nest mini deals prices

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The best Google Nest Mini prices

A model refresh with bass to boot

Size: 1.65 x 3.85-inch | Microphones: 3 | Screen: No | Aux input: No | Colours: Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, Sky | Launch Price: $49 / £49 / AU$79

Google Assistant upgraded with machine learning
Bass boosted for bigger sound
Capacitive touch controls

The new model offers capacitive touch features to control volume and playback, with the help of ultrasonic sensor-activated LEDs to guide your hand to the correct control spots on the unit. While the Google Nest Mini is still powered by Google Assistant, it utilizes on-board machine learning to fine-tune your queries and speed up your response time. 

The speakers themselves are supported by an improved bass, and an overall larger speaker system housed in the same sized shell, though any audiophiles should still spring for a more substantial offering.

What does Google Nest Mini do? 

The Google Nest Mini is a refreshed Google Home Mini model, with all the same Google Assistant features and integrations plus added quality of life enhancements in the hardware department. Ask your Google Nest Mini to play your favourite songs on Spotify, stream your favourite movie through a Chromecast, or adjust your Philips Hue lighting, all using just your voice. Control your Nest thermostat as well as any appliances you have using smart plugs, or simply settle in and listen to the latest news, podcasts and audiobooks. 

What's the difference between Google Home Mini and Google Nest Mini?

The Google Home Mini is the predecessor to the Google Nest Mini. The newer model boasts improved sound and bass quality and a Google Assistant supported by built in machine learning for faster, more streamlined responses that don't always need to route through Google's servers.

With the new refresh, you can also string two Nest Mini devices together for true stereo sound, a feature only previously available to Google Home Max users. Plus, if you're tired of having your Nest Mini on your desk, you can now mount your smart speaker to the wall - making excellent use of the new colour variants on offer.

What devices are compatible with Google Nest Mini?

Use your iPhone or Android to control your Google Nest Mini through the Home app, and pair your speakers with a wide range of devices within the Nest and Chromecast ecosystem. 

You can also sync your Nest Mini to a selection of non-Google devices, including Philips Hue lighting, Ring cams, Nanoleaf panels, and many more!

What services should I use with Google Nest?

Ask your Google Nest to play some music and you can choose from Google Play, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora (US and AUS), TuneIn and iHeartRadio. But the Google Assistant carries far more power on top of that. Ask Uber for a quick ride, add a meeting to your Google Calendar, stream your favourite shows to your Chromecast via Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and HBO Now, or create your own IFTTT commands to bring other apps to the party. Find the full list of supported Google Nest Mini apps here. 

Is Google Nest Mini private?

Check out Google's privacy statement regarding the Google Nest Mini states the company's commitment to the care of your data and information. If you're ever concerned about your use of the Nest Mini, however, you can take a break by switching the microphone off completely.