Save $200 in this weekend's biggest Samsung Galaxy tablet deals

Samsung Galaxy tablet deals sales price cheap
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This week's Samsung Galaxy tablet deals can save you up to $200, with Amazon slashing prices on a range of devices, from the super cheap Tab A all the way through to the very latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. 

That means there's discounts for everyone here - whether you're after tablet deals on a budget model, or some more significant discounts on portable powerhouses. The biggest saving sits on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, with a $729.99 MSRP marked all the way down to $529.99. Such a discount actually makes this 256GB model $50 cheaper than the 128GB version - an excellent saving if you're after plenty of storage. 

However, if you think 128GB will do you fine you'll also find a $70 saving on the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Amazon's tablet deals have dropped the cost of the newest model from $649.99 to $579.99 this weekend, which means you can benefit from the boosted 11-inch display, 120Hz refresh rate and Snapdragon 865 Plus processor for an excellent price right now.

We're rounding up all these tablet deals just below. 

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Today's best Samsung Galaxy tablet deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8-inch, 32GB): $149.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8-inch, 32GB): $149.99 $119.99 at Amazon
Save $30 on the cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab A this weekend. The perfect budget tablet, you're getting 32GB of onboard storage here, which can easily be upgraded to 512GB with a Micro SD card, a fantastic 13 hour battery life, and a smaller form factor perfect for commuting or for the kids.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (256GB): $729.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (256GB): $729.99 $529.99 at Amazon
You'll find the 256GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 up for grabs at $529.99 right now - that's a $200 discount over the original $729.99 MSRP. We're seeing this 256GB model sitting cheaper than the 128GB version right now by some way as well, which means you're getting a fantastic deal - and the lowest price ever.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (128GB): $649.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (128GB): $649.99 $579.99 at Amazon
If you're only interested in the latest and greatest, however, you'll also find a $70 discount on the 128GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. It's currently sitting at the same price as the previous generation, so it's well worth a look if you're after less storage than the 256GB on offer above. However, if you're looking for the best of both worlds you can also save $100 on the 256GB model, now just $629.99.

More Samsung Galaxy tablet deals

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