Save a packet on watching Formula 1 (and all Sky Sports) with Now TV's new offer

watch formula 1 on Now tv
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This Formula 1 season, all the rubber burning action is going to be available in the UK via Sky Sports and subscription-busting Now TV - only the British Grand Prix will be available on Channel 4.

Giving you a moment to get over the bad news, now for some good. Now TV has just released a special F1 Season Ticket that gives you access to all nine months of the F1 season for a reduced overall price. A one-off payment buys you all the action up front so you can easily access every race via an internet connected Now TV setup.

The F1 Season Ticket for NOW TV will cost you a single £195 payment for the entire season. That may sound steep but in reality that's a meagre £5 per week. And it's worth noting that despite the name, the season ticket opens up the entire catalogue of Sky Sport channels. So you'll get the rest of the Premier League football season, golf majors, Ashes cricket and all the rest it has to offer for the next nine months - not bad at all for a fiver a week.

Now TV's F1 Season Ticket + Sky Sports

9 months of F1 coverage and Sky Sports from Now TV for £195
Sky Sports F1 has the rights to show all 21 races of the 2019 Formula One season live, so you should take the opportunity to jump on board with Now TV if you don't want to miss a minute. And, as we say, this offer also includes every single of Sky's sports channels - a privilege that would ordinarily cost you £14.99 per week. So you're effectively saving a tenner a week with this offer!

This offer expires March 31View Deal

And since Now TV is available on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, set-top boxes, laptops and more, there'll be no excuse to miss a single F1 race no matter where you are in the world. Well, you might need a VPN of course but that's easily fixed by grabbing one of the best VPN services around.

The only thing to be wary of is that after the nine month period ends you'll be automatically renewed at £33.99 per month. So be sure to cancel this if you don't want to carry on.