Samsung is working on making your Galaxy S23 cameras even better

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The cameras on Samsung's Galaxy S23 line impressed us when they first released in February, but it looks like Samsung thought there was room for improvement. Right now, the company is working on a new update for its flagship series aimed at significantly enhancing camera performance.

The news comes from a post on Samsung’s Korean Community forums where a moderator explains each of the nine changes in detail. According to a translation provided by SamMobile, the company is focusing on enhancing image quality and the stability of recordings while also addressing several bugs across the entire series, which includes the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Everything else is staying the same so that image of the moon you captured will still be the product of AI trickery.

Beginning with the image quality changes, Samsung will be tweaking its “autofocus algorithm” giving users greater control over the Galaxy S23 camera. Now you’ll be able to take photos even if the subject is out of focus instead of having to wait for a clear picture; although this can be switched back to the older version through the Camera Assistant app.

Speaking of sharpness, video quality has been improved on Super Steady mode when using the ultrawide lens in a low-light environment. Additionally, the company addressed a discrepancy between image resolution dropping when Night Mode was turned off and the Camera Assistant was set to prioritize speed.

Bug fixes and stable video

Tweaks to device stability include the camera app being less affected by moving subjects inside a frame. Videos recorded with the resolution set to Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) 60fps and Auto FPS turned off will be more stable, as well.

Regarding bug fixes, there are three in total. Apparently, a green line would appear on the left side of the screen in Photo mode while taking pictures. That’s been corrected. Similarly, the company patched up a facial recognition error where the feature “didn’t work after ending a video call” on a third-party app. And finally, Samsung fixed a banding issue appearing in high-resolution photos taken in low ambient light.

There is one new feature in the update, but it's a small one. The Gallery app will now allow users to immediately delete photographs that were just captured and still being processed.

Patch roll-out

As you can see, this is a pretty big patch. A Twitter repost of a recent Samsung notification reveals the update will be almost a gigabyte in size with the roll-out date for South Korean users set for April 1. An international launch has yet to be announced; however, we did reach out to Samsung for more info. We’ll update this story at a later time.

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