Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch gets big, surprise update

Samsung has delivered quite a hefty upgrade to its Samsung Gear S2 wearable. Available now, the latest software brings some unexpected, albeit welcomed improvements to the company’s 2015 smartwatch.

First off, the user interface has gone under the knife to make viewing your app icons and finding your way through the numerous settings via the Quick Panel a whole lot easier. It also looks better, to boot.

Samsung has also taken to enhancing the at-a-glance view of its activity tracking by better positioning your pace and heart rate on the small display. With Samsung Health, you can also sync up your progress to some new workout videos that the company says is like “a professional fitness program at home.”

Even more surprises

Though not as useful on a widespread basis, Samsung has updated the Gear S2 to work as a controller of sorts for the Samsung Gear VR. While we’re currently unsure of the extent to which you can operate the virtual reality experience, simply controlling the interface with a watch instead of reaching a hand upward seems like an improvement in our books.

Lastly, your Gear S2 can now be used as a remote to make your way through a PowerPoint presentation. This beats having to bring a clicker into the conference room, though it’s going to be tough to shake the fact that it looks like you’re checking the time when you go to advance the slide.

Cameron Faulkner

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