Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could take a colorful leaf out the Galaxy S20 FE's book

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (Image credit: Future)

While phone companies rarely opt to offer smartphones in loads of different vibrant colors anymore, with the Galaxy S20 FE in 2020 Samsung sold quite a few different shades, and it seems it could follow suit with the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Prolific leaker Ice Universe posted a simple tweet listing four colors: light violet, beige, green and black, as well as 'Z Flip 3' and '100%'. This isn't exactly cryptic, save for the last part, but we'd assume that's Ice Universe saying they're 100% sure.

For the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung sold the phone in a range of pastel-hue colors, the violet version of which you can see above. It sounds like Samsung will do the same for the Z Flip, as that's its house style - the green will likely be a gentle mint shade.

Anti-premium foldable

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Samsung - and other companies, for that matter - tends to offer its more 'playful' colors on lower-cost phones, with premium devices getting darker or more professional tones (read: boring).

What follows is rampant speculation: it's possible this color leak suggests Samsung is positioning its new clamshell foldable phone as a lower-cost device than its top-end Galaxy Z Fold 3. Perhaps this is a 'Fan Edition' foldable. Well, this pricing idea isn't totally speculation on our part, because it's something leaks are pointing to.

We'll have to see if this is true in August, as that's when leakers think Samsung's new foldable phones will launch, alongside the Galaxy S21 FE - maybe this could be a really colorful month.

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