Samsung Galaxy S9 battery size revealed and you probably won't like it


The Samsung Galaxy S9 is shaping up to be a fairly small upgrade on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and there’s at least one major aspect that may not be upgraded at all – the battery.

UnionRepair (an online store) has listed replacements for the batteries destined for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and you can see that their capacities are 3,000mAh for the former and 3,500mAh for the latter, which is exactly the same as the batteries in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

If true, that’s a shame, since battery life is one of the aspects of smartphones most in need of an upgrade, but it doesn’t come as a surprise.

We’ve previously heard rumors that the batteries would be unchanged, and Samsung may want to be careful with capacities after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, so this is believable.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t get more life out of the S9 and S9 Plus, as the chipsets and software may well be more efficient.

Upgrades elsewhere

Of course, some aspects of these phones will be upgraded, with the iris scanner likely being one of them. There’s been talk on several occasions of upgrades there and now LetsGoDigital has come across a Samsung patent describing an iris camera combined with a light source module and a remote sensor.

The camera would be able to recognize both eyes, as well as seeing part of the user’s face, while the light sensor would make sure the darkest part of the iris could be read.

The S9's iris scanner could recognize both of your eyes and your face. Credit: LetsGoDigital/WIPO

This sounds a lot like the recently rumored ‘Intelligent Scan Biometrics’ system, which would apparently combine the iris scanner with facial recognition, as well as providing improved results in low light.

With the number of rumors rolling in about both aspects we’d think it’s likely that the battery sizes will be as above and that some sort of iris scanner improvement is planned for the Galaxy S9, whether or not it’s the system detailed in this patent. We’ll know for sure when the S9 and S9 Plus are unveiled on February 25.

Via PhoneArena and SlashLeaks