Samsung Galaxy Buds on sale: premium true wireless earbuds available for less

Samsung Galaxy Buds true wireless earbuds deals sales
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The original Samsung Galaxy Buds still offer a powerful audio experience, perfect if you're after premium true wireless earbuds but don't want to break too far into the $100 price range. Better yet, we're seeing the 2019 generation on sale for their lowest price yet in the UK and a good $20 discount in the US. 

That means you can take home the Samsung Galaxy Buds for just $108 at Amazon right now, or £99 at Very if you're in the UK. These are some particularly cheap true wireless earbuds sales, especially for a big name brand like Samsung. We've seen these prices before, but you've got another chance to grab a great deal here today. 

If, however, you're shopping in the UK it might make more sense to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. With extended battery life, more emphasis on bass and improved microphone quality, it's worth springing just a little extra to pick up these buds on sale for £128 at Amazon. If, however, you prefer a more rounded audio quality, we'd still recommend the original true wireless earbuds. 

We're running through these Samsung Galaxy Buds deals in full just below, but you'll find plenty more prices underneath as well. If you missed out on these offers, we're expecting this year's Black Friday deals to bring more Samsung Galaxy headphone sales as well.

This week's best Samsung Galaxy Buds sales


Samsung Galaxy Buds | $129.99 $108 at Amazon
The original Samsung Galaxy Buds dropped down below $100 last month, but they've held solid at this $108 sales price since then. That means there's still time to grab a discount on these true wireless earbuds, and if you're not a fan of sometimes over-emphasized bass, we'd actually recommend grabbing these over the new model.


Samsung Galaxy Buds | £139 £99 at Very
The Samsung Galaxy Buds have once again dropped below £100 in the UK, thanks to this £30 drop at Very. If, however, you do want the latest model you'll find a similar discount on the Buds Plus below.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus | £159 £128.58 at Amazon
The latest true wireless earbuds to come out of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offer a longer battery life and improved microphone quality. They do tend to emphasise the lower frequencies, however, which doesn't tend to sit well with listeners who prefer a more rounded sound profile.

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