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While the console itself may still be difficult to get hold of, PS5 deals on accessories are becoming more and more frequent and we've spotted one of the best yet. Amazon has just dropped the PS5 HD Camera all the way down to its lowest price yet in a rare $20 saving. Now just $39.99 (was $59.99), we were lucky to even see stock of this peripheral six months ago, let along a sub-$40 price tag. 

We've only ever seen PS5 deals hit the HD Camera twice before, and only then with $10 off the MSRP. Other retailers aren't matching this discount yet either, which means Amazon currently has the best price around. 

Those in the UK can also take advantage of some record low prices as well. 365 Games is leading the way here, with a £38.49 sales price over the £49.99 RRP. That £11.50 discount beats out Amazon's own £39.77 record with free shipping. However, with a 2-3 day delivery window after dispatch those looking to get their hands on it sooner won't be paying too much more to go with Amazon. 

All of these offers are listed just below, but you'll find plenty more PS5 deals on extra accessories further down the page as well. 


PS5 HD Camera: $59.99 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $20 -
The PS5 HD Camera just dropped to its lowest ever price at Amazon, leaving us with an excellent $39.99 cost on the premium accessory. Previously we've only ever seen $10 off the final price of the 1080p streaming camera, and discounts have only ever been spotted twice before. We wouldn't wait too long to take advantage, then, as typically this device is only on sale for a few days at a time.


PS5 HD Camera: £49.99 £38.49 at 365Games
Save £11 -
365Games currently has the lowest price going on the PS5 HD Camera, beating out Amazon's record low by £1.50. However, with a 2-3 day wait for shipping, it might be worth going with Amazon instead here. You're not spending too much extra to take advantage of Prime delivery, with Amazon's £39.77 price just £1.50 more expensive.

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