More evidence that LG has both a smartwatch and tablet up its sleeve

More evidence that LG has a smartwatch up its sleeve
Might be a bit better than this though...

When LG announced that it would be stamping all its future products with the "G" brand, there was a hint that it wasn't just going to be phones on the horizon - and some new discoveries could be evidence of that.

First a filing for an LG G Pad appeared, hinting that the company might be looking to jump back into the Android tablet game and echoing news that we'd previously reported.

But then things got even more interesting. Several other device filings were unearthed, adding a G Watch, G Band, G Hub, a G Glass, and a G Link to the pot.

Where my Gs at?

These were all filed filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Of course, we don't really need to point out that the G Watch seems pretty self-explanatory.

We previously reported on rumours that LG had a smartwatch in the works so it all fits together quite nicely.

We'd also say that the G Band safely sounds like a Fitbit/Nike FuelBand-style wearable, and G Glass, sure sounds like a Google Glass competitor.

This certainly wouldn't be the first we'd heard of LG looking at Google's wearable for inspiration. Then again, G Glass could mean something else entirely. LG windows?

The G Hub and G Link are also pretty ambiguous. Link sounds like something that might connect all of LG's devices together like a media hub - but who knows?

With LG's G2 unveiling event taking place in New York on August 7, it could be an opportune moment for a few G-based teasers. Heck, we may even see the tablet go official as well.

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