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T-Mobile is rewarding users who pay their bills on time

T-Mobile John Legere
Hopefully this becomes a trend

T-Mobile's current "un-carrier" strategy - to do anything it can to shake things up - may be unsustainable, but that isn't stopping the carrier.

Outspoken CEO John Legere for the first time today took to YouTube to announce a new promotion that the carrier calls "Smartphone Equality."

It means that T-Mobile customers who pay their bills on time for 12 consecutive months will be able to get the deals most carriers - including T-Mobile, up to this point - reserve for those with high enough credit scores, including low or nonexistent upfront prices for new phones.

"Most of you can't get the advertised deals because you're not - are you ready for this? - 'well qualified,'" Legere says in the video. "It's insulting, and it's just not right. So look - we've been doing this too, but I listen, and I'm making some changes. This ends now."

This applies to existing users as well, who can begin taking advantage of T-Mobile's Smartphone Equality program on January 25.

The only question that remains is what's up with the video's random Starbucks product placement. Maybe Legere is just a fan of burnt iced coffee?