Sprint's new shared data plans are geared toward businesses

Sprint continues to step up its games

Sprint has been making moves all year, and the carrier has introduced new "Business Share Plans" that it hopes will draw in enterprise customers.

The plans offer up to 200GB of data shared among 50 devices for $675 a month, starting at at $90 for 20GB on 10 lines on the lower end.

Sprint says the plans could save businesses up to 56% compared with Sprint's main competitors.

Business, as usual

For the month of October Sprint is also offering an extra $150 of credit per line to businesses who port a number over from a competitor.

Sprint's existing business plans will continue to exist alongside the new options, according to CNET.

The carrier telegraphed these moves in late 2013, when rumor had it Sprint might recycle the Nextel name into a business-focuses brand.

It no longer seems like that is happening, but Sprint is clearly still in a transitional period as it continues to ramp up the competition.