USB torch also charges your mobile

Keep your PSP charged up on the go AND see in the dark with Brando's new USB torch and mobile charger device

Now and then USB accessories specialists Brando really comes along with a bit of kit that we never imagined we really needed before. Case in point, a rechargeable USB torch that also doubles up as a mobile charger for your phone.

Ideal really, both for those situations where you find yourself out of mobile juice in the middle of an essential work call or where you find yourself lost in a dark wood surrounded by imaginary zombies…

"This Emergency Mobile Charger can charge the most common mobile devices in the market - iPhone3G/iPhone, iPod, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, NDS Lite, PSP and Nokia. In addition, it comes with a 50 Lumens Torch Module. With the fully charged 2000mAh battery, it can light up 5 hours."

You will need to purchase PSP and NDS Lite Adapters separately, but for $32.00 this really is a quality bit of kit.

One for the 'stocking filler' list, we think.