New T-Mobile plan won't have families fighting over data


T-Mobile is challenging competitors Verizon and AT&T with the announcement of a new family plan that will give 10GB of data - each.

To make it even more enticing, the Simple Choice Family Plan - for up to four family members - all users will have 4G LTE speeds.

The new deal will cost $100 for up to two family members, with the option to add two more lines at $20 each, totaling $140. It includes unlimited talk and text, and no data overcharges, as well.

The competition

T-Mobile seems like a rather good deal for families, as currently, Verizon and AT&T are charging users $140 and upwards for family deals to share a 10GB limit.

Sprint sits closest, charging the same $100 for two family members as T-Mobile, along with the same 10GB each, as well as unlimited calls and text. However, Sprint charges $40 per new family, compared to T-Mobile's $20 for each new line.

T-Mobile also has a promotion until Labor Day, where you'll be able to add a fourth family member for free, meaning monthly, you'll need to only pay $120 per month. The plan will be available starting tomorrow, July 15.

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