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Will this snowy Motorola Droid Ultra arrive on Verizon for the holidays?

white Motorola Droid Ultra
The alleged white Motorola Droid Ultra

Verizon's stockings could soon be stuffed with a white Motorola Droid Ultra, according to a familiar Twitter tipster.

The Twitter account @evleaks has published a photo of what appears to be the Droid Ultra in a snowy white hue, with Verizon's branding on the backside.

So far, the Motorola handset has only appeared in black or red on Verizon, so a white version could be a nice way to change it up.

And with the holidays just a month or so away now would be a good time for Verizon to tout a new version of the Droid Ultra.

Follow the white Droid Ultra

Motorola launched the Droid Ultra in August exclusively on Verizon in the US.

TechRadar's Droid Ultra review awarded the phone four out of five stars, praising its nice 5-inch display and surprisingly thin and light frame while lamenting its fingerprint-collecting glossy finish and poor camera.

This is the first we've seen or heard of a white Droid Ultra, though.

With @evleaks' track record it's easy to take what it publishes as gospel, but remember that anything can change before Verizon makes an official announcement.