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Verizon tipped to get Lumia 920 variant codenamed 'Laser'

Lumia 920
Fire the Laser!

A new Lumia might beam its way to Verizon in the next few months, according to a new report Thursday.

Sources familiar with Big Red's plans and speaking to The Verge have revealed that a high-end Nokia handset, codenamed "Laser," is in the works.

It is said to be similar to the Lumia 920 spec-wise and will actually be a variant of the phone.

What's more, Laser should appear alongside another Lumia 920 variant, known so far as Catwalk. That phone made a purr earlier this month when it was revealed to have a slinky aluminum and not polycarbonate body.

Looming large

The sources have also said that Microsoft will be a big backer of Laser, and as if the Lumia 920 connection wasn't strong enough, gives us strong evidence that the phone will run Windows 8.

Laser looks to be a flagship phone coming to Verizon, which makes us wonder where Catwalk will fall.

There's a lot to love about the Lumia 920: great screen, lovely feel and a hardcore camera. Unfortunately for many U.S. customers, the phone has been an AT&T exclusive since it's launch. Verizon might have the last laugh as Laser's launch is supposedly imminent.

TechRadar asked Verizon for comment on the report and will update this story if and when the company responds.