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Verizon teases 'more,' signs point to higher data caps, lower Edge prices

Will more be enough?

Like the footfalls of Godzilla, something big from Verizon is lingering right around the corner.

The carrier had this to say on its website earlier: "Get ready to learn #more about how Verizon Wireless is changing the game - again."

And no, Big Red isn't just trying to fit in with the cool kids by throwing in a superlative hashtag. "#more" appears to be a not-so-veiled reference to a "More Everything" campaign said to get off the ground Thursday.

Leaked documents picked up by Android Police reveal More Everything includes increased data caps for Shared Everything plan holders, lower prices for Edge members and limited-time early Edge upgrades for those on contract.

Current Share Everything customers look poised to be automatically shifted to the increased data cap plans. But Verizon isn't done there; double network bandwidth, 25GB free Verizon Cloud storage and international messaging from the US reportedly round out Big Red's "more" ambitions.

We should find out if all this is really as good as it sounds tomorrow.