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Sprint wins for once as Android 4.3 heads to its HTC One customers

Happy phone times

Happy news Sprint HTC One owners! Yes, that's a select sector of the population, but the good word coming from HTC USA's Twitter account is that Android 4.3 is rolling out for Sprint customers today.

Those of you on other networks need not turn green, as @HTCUSA hollered AT&T and T-Mobile should see Android 4.3 updates by mid-October.

Verizon, which lagged in getting the flagship Android handset to begin with, again brings up the rear as its 4.3 update will land "by end of October"

And I care because...

While the HTC One is one the best phones in the world today, it's been stuck in old OS land.

Android 4.3 doesn't bring a whole lot of changes, it reportedly fixes some nagging camera issues and bumps the Sense UI up to the latest version.

What's more, the international HTC One has already seen Android 4.3 hit the airwaves, so from today on everything will be even-steven.

The newest flavor of Jelly Bean should satiate America's wireless consumers, though Android 4.4 KitKat is expected right around the corner.