Phones to be world's most popular web browsers by 2013

Phones will be the most popular web browsers by 2013

The latest forecast from the analysts at Gartner shows that mobile phones are set to overtake PCs as the most common web browsing device by 2013.

The increasingly popularity (and decreasing cost) of smartphones such as the recently-launched Google Nexus One and Apple's iPhone, means one thing mainly - the widespread availability of fast and easy-to-use mobile web browsers.

And with those rumours of a soon-to-be-launched iPhone 4G building up a head of steam, the smartphone market is sure to get even more interesting (and busy) later in 2010.

2013 Tipping Point

Gartner dates the 'tipping poing' when phones become more popular than traditional desktop and laptop PCs as 2013, when the analysts claim that browser-equipped phones will exceed 1.83 billion, compared with 1.78 billion PCs worldwide.

Gartner adds that PCs will still be most peoples' primary browsing device until a few years later at some point in 2015.

Perhaps most interestingly, Gartner claims that a fifth of businesses will "own no IT assets" by 2012, preferring instead to rely on cloud-based services and letting employees use their own PCs for work.

Engadget Via Phone Arena