Optus says yes to more data and early exit fee credit

Is Optus doing enough to lure you away?

With new plans launched this year and a new 700MHz 4G network to be rolled out soon, Optus is trying it's hardest to lure more customers.

Over the weekend, the telco announced that it will begin offering up to $200 of credit to customers to pay off early exit fees if they sign up with Optus instead.

And just in time for the iPhone 6 launch happening this week, Optus will also be offering customers up to $250 credit to trade in their old smartphone (depending on the model and condition of the phone) for a new one.

"We know there are over 1.2 million Australians who are coming off their mobile phone contract in the next four months," said Vicki Brady, Optus' Managing Director, Customer.

"Customers tell us that one of the main reasons they want to get out of their mobile contract early is to upgrade to a new phone. Early exit fees shouldn't be a barrier to getting that new smartphone now."

Of course, while you'll be able to get out of your current contract a little early, the caveat is that you will need to up for another 24-month plan with Optus and the offer will only last until November 2.

More data

Optus has announced that it will also be beefing up the two higher tiered 24-month My Plan Plus options with more data, bringing it close to Vodafone's options.

The $80 option will now give you 5GB of data per month, along with unlimited SMS and minutes - an increase from 3GB.

You'll now be able to get 8GB of data per month on the $100 plan, again with unlimited SMS and minute, with the data increasing from just 5GB.

Current Optus customers will not get the increase automatically, but they can call up to jump on to a higher tiered plan or ask to have their data cap increased if they are already on these two plans for no extra fee.

Also, current customers who are in the last three months of their contract are also eligible for a smartphone upgrade.

"We'll waive their early cancellation fees and they could get up to $250 to trade in their old phone," Optus said.

It should be noted that current customers upgrading will also need to sign up again for another 24-months, with the offer again only lasing until November 2.