Moto G trademark spotted, could this be the Google smartwatch?

Moto G trademark spotted in the wild, could this be the Google smartwatch?
G for Gem? G for Google? G for Grapefruit?

The Google smartwatch, known to some as Google Gem, is something that we have been hearing a lot of speculation about in recent weeks.

Hearing that Motorola has gained ownership of the trademark 'Moto G' may well go some way to confirming that there is something in the works.

There has been some speculation as to what this could be, given that it could just as easily be a variant of the Moto X.

Lets get speculating!

Everybody has their own ideas as to what it could be, Phandroid speculate that it could be a Google Play edition of the Moto X, a la Samsung Galaxy S4 Play.

Moto G trademark spotted

What could the Moto G be?

We're a little more skeptical on that, as it would put the new handset in direct competition with the upcoming Nexus 5.

Whatever the Google owned brand has in mind, we won't know for certain until, or should that be if, Motorola officially announce the device.

Either way we might not be far off this smart phone/watch as Droid-life reveals it's spoken to a rep from US carrier Verizon who claims it's heard the Moto G is "coming soon."

Until then, we might as well say that it is a Motorola grapefruit. Now that would be tasty...

Why not let us know what you think it could be in the comments below?

Via PhoneArena.