Moto G Cinema leads a bunch of new mystery Motorola phones

Moto G Cinema leads a bunch of new mystery phones
Little Moto 360 nod there, guys?

Motorola's firing up the engines ready for quite a few new phones, it seems, one of which looks set to be named the Moto G Cinema.

With this being the first time we've heard this name mentioned, it's tough to guess what it could be. A screenshot outing the name was posted by the oft-reliable @evleaks who snapped it from Motorola's support website.

But it's not the only new device to get a mysterious placeholder. Three other pages have appeared, each containing a reference to a different phone and price tag.

Three's company

There's the Moto 3G Global 4GB ($179, same at the Moto G launch price), the Moto 4G Global ($179) and another Moto 4G Global ($189), all of which are rather mysteriously named.

And all of which come just in time for Motorola's big May 13 London event, where the Moto E is expected to be announced.

But with indications that the Moto E will be cheaper than the Moto G, it appears that this trio is hinting at a different phone entirely – quite possibly the new G itself.

The aforementioned Moto G Cinema could easily be one of these handset. Could we see some, or even all, of them at next week's event? We'll be there to bring you the news as it breaks.

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