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Mobile virus suspect arrested

Mobile viruses are becoming increasingly widespread as smartphone ownership grows

Police in Spain have arrested a man alleged to be behind some of the most widespread mobile phone viruses yet seen.

According to reports , the 28-year-old man is thought to be the creator of viruses that have affected more than 115,000 mobile phones. He was arrested in Valencia over the weekend.

It is believed that the arrested man is responsible for more than 20 versions of the Cabir and CommWarrior worms . These are targeted at Symbian S60 mobile phones, which include Nokia Nseries and over 100 other high-end mobiles.

The Cabir and CommWarrior malware can be spread to phones via Bluetooth or MMS. They're disguised as messages purporting to contain adult images, sports information or virus protection software. Once users open a message and accept the file, their phone can be infected.

The CommWarrior virus is the most damaging of the two, resetting the phone and deleting data. It spreads by using the mobile's phonebook to send infected MMS to contacts, and via Bluetooth. Cabir spreads via Bluetooth, continually trying to detect other devices to replicate itself to. In doing so it severely reduces the host phone's battery life.