LG Optimus G reportedly coming to US in November

LG Optimus G
The LG Optimus G will arrive in the US this November
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LG unveiled its new flagship Android smartphone, the Optimus G, Tuesday, as well as their release plans for the new device.

Set to arrive in South Korea next week, the Optimus G will land in Japan next month, with a planned U.S. launch happening in November, the company said after the announcement.

Though there's no indication as to what carrier will host the phone on its network, the Optimus G will reportedly cost nearly $900 without a subsidized plan in South Korea.

The Optimus G launching this fall puts it in direct competition with Apple's iPhone 5, Samsung's Galaxy Note II, and even the rumored HTC One X 5.

Stiff competition, but LG can hold its own

LG's mobile president Park Jong-seok said the new Android phone will have what it takes to hold its own in the crowded market.

"The Optimus G is our flagship phone with a competitive edge," Jong-seok told reporters following the unveiling.

"We are trying to make phones differentiated from our rivals."

With a 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS Plus screen, 20GB of RAM to complement the Krait S4 Pro chip and quad-core processor, and a 13MP camera, the Optimus G certainly has the pedigree to match up against other smartphones.

We'll just have to wait until November to see if consumers agree.

TechRadar reached out to LG for further clarification on a firm date or price for the U.S., and will update this article if and when we hear more.

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