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Is the Moto Maker making its way to Sprint next week?

Moto Maker
Sprint may see a splash of Moto color

Let's face it: Moto Maker is what sets the Moto X apart from all the other phones out there. OK maybe not entirely, but the customization options are an undeniable draw.

Currently only available on AT&T, a memo has surfaced online stating the Moto Maker customization service will arrive on Sprint starting November 11.

Though the memo is questionable, Sprint's recent Moto X price cut indicates it might be priming the device for the holiday rush. Hopefully, other carriers won't be too far behind; Verizon has even stated it has plans to have Moto Maker by the end of the year.

There's only a week left to find out if Sprint customers can give their Moto X a make-over, and honestly, it's about time Motorola spreads the love.

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