Where can I get the iPhone 5S?

For a 16GB iPhone 5S, you'll have a $7 monthly repayment on a 24-month $65 plan, or $0 per month on 24-month $80 and $100 plans. On a 12-month contract, the 16GB 5S will cost a monthly repayment of $40, $34 and $26, respectively, on top of plan prices, pushing the total payments to $105, $114 and $126.

A 32GB iPhone 5S will cost $12 per month on a 24-month $65 plan, $0 on a 24-month $100 plan, but $6 per month on a 24-month $80 plan. On a 12-month contract, the 32GB 5S will have an extra monthly repayment of $51, $45 and $37, respectively, pushing monthly prices to $116, $125 and $137 over the year.

The 64GB 5S on a 2-year contract will have you paying a total of $83, $92 or $104, respectively, per month over 24 months on Vodafone's Red plans. For just a 12-month contract, monthly payments will be $127, $136 and $148, respectively.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile revealed on release day that the iPhone 5S will be available on each of its six plans.

While the $90 and $140 plans have unlimited calls and SMS, they have 3GB and 6GB apiece. They also include free a return flight to New Zealand, Fiji or Vanuatu.

Each of its other plans have unlimited calls from Virgin to Virgin numbers. Its lowest $30 plan comes with $200 worth of credit for calls and SMS, and 200MB of data, while its $40 plan comes with $450 credit and 1GB of data.

$50 will also get you 1GB of data, but you get pushed to $500 worth of credit, while $60 will get you 1.5GB and $700 credit.

All three 5S models won't cost extra on the top tier plan, but the 16GB variant won't have an extra charge on the $90 plan either. This model will however have monthly repayments starting from $21 to $9 on the other tiers, pushing plan prices to $51, $57, $63 and $69, respectively.

For the 32GB model, total monthly plan pricing will be pushed to $56, $62, $68, $74 and $98, while plans for the 64GB variant will cost $62, $68, $74, $80 and $100 monthly, including the handset repayment.

As Virgin Mobile uses Optus' FD-LTE network, all the iPhone variants will work through Virgin Mobile just fine.