Where can I get the iPhone 5S?

iPhone 5S release date: where can I get it?
Who's stocking Apple's latest offering?

The anticipation is over - Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5S to the world and is now available. But now we're onto the next question: where can we actually pick one of these up and which 4G networks is it compatible with?

Well, we have the inside information on who will be stocking the new iPhone. Here's the 411.

Apple Store

If you're looking to pick up the iPhone 5S SIM-free, the Apple store has the handset available for $869 for the 16GB version, $999 for the 32GB and $1129 for the 64GB.


Optus will be stocking the iPhone 5S, with orders begining online from 2am, September 20. The handset will be available on all of Optus' My Plan options, which include unlimited SMS and MMS.

The 24-month plan tiers start with a $35 option that has 200 voice call minutes and 200MB of data. The $50 option has 450 minutes and 500MB of data, and the $60 plan gives you 600 minutes and 1GB of data.

The $80 plan gives you 800 minutes and 2GB of data, while the $100 options gives you unlimited minutes and 3GB of data.

For the 16GB model, the 5S will not cost extra on the $100 plans, but with monthly repayments starting from $22 on the $35 plan, it will push total prices for the other plans up to $62, $69, $74 and $85 per month.

The 32GB model will have monthly repayments across all plan tiers starting from $32 per month to $6 per month, pushing plan totals to $67, $74, $79, $89 and $106.

Including monthly repayments for the handset, the 64GB model will push the plan tiers to $72, $80, $86, $98 and $112 per month.

As Apple has a TD-LTE compatible iPhone 5S variant, Optus will stock the the multi-band handset to work on its new 4G Plus network.

But Optus has indicated that it will be looking to use its 700MHz spectrum band allocation to further develop its 4G, which may effect this iPhone model from 2015 as Apple has not included 700MHz compatibility in the handsets.


The iPhone 5S will be compatible with Telstra's current 4G FD-LTE network, as well as with its developing LTE-Advanced network.

However, as Telstra has also said that it will be using its 700MHz allocation to develop its LTE-A network, it may face similar issues as Optus with the 700MHz band not included in the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Though you can't yet pre-order the handset, Teltra's website reveals that it will be available on all four of its Every Day Connect, saying that it will also be available on its Business Performance plans.

The 16GB iPhone 5S on Telstra's $60 and $80 plans will have extra and $18 and $8 monthly repayment, respectively. This brings the plans to $78 a month over 24 monthsfor $600 worth of calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data, and $88 per month over 24 months for $800 worth of calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1.5GB.

The 16GB 5S on Telstra's $100 plan will come with $4 monthly repayments over 24 months, $900 of calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 2GB of data. On the $130 plan, the smartphone will again have $4 handset repayments per month over 24 months with 3GB of data and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

The 32GB iPhone 5S will see monthly handset repayments between $22 and $9 with the same inclusions as above, pushing the plan prices to $82, $92, $100 and $139 per month over 24 months.

For the 64GB model, handset repayments will jump to between $30 and $15, pushing plan prices to $90, $101, $115 and $145 per month over 24 months.


The phone has been available to Vodafone customers from 8am, September 20 on its 4G network.

Vodafone will be offering the iPhone 5S on Vodfone's new Red plans, on either a 24-month or hand 12-month contract. All plans come with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, and either 1.5GB, 2.5GB or 5GB of data depending on plan level, as well as priority customer care and Roam Like Home.