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HP plans to move Palm into the background

Palm to stay around at Casa del HP
Palm to stay around at Casa del HP

HP CEO Mark Hurd has once again been chatting about the future of Palm within the company following its acquisition, stating the company may become a sub-brand.

Speaking to German site, he confirmed that despite HP's decision to buy Palm for the software, the brand won't die, but will likely move into the background.

This means it will rank alongside the likes of Compaq, also owned by HP, and continue its presence in the market.

Hurd did still point out that HP was looking to promote webOS, but made sure to state it would use the platform for phones as well as printers and slates.

webOS 2.0 on its way

Palm is still carrying on as if nothing has happened, it seems, as its former CEO Jon Rubenstein - who still works on Palm within HP - says that a new version of the platform is coming later this year.

webOS 2.0 could be launched with new hardware as well, with Palm and HP both looking to get the platform on slates and phones as soon as possible.

And Rubenstein couldn't resist a little dig at the industry incumbents by pointing out that any new device will most certainly be running Flash.

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