Google's new Pixel phones could come with iPhone prices

Nexus 5X

Google's Nexus phones have tended to undercut other similar spec devices in the past, yet the rumored move to the new Pixel name could bring a much higher price, putting them in direct competition with the iPhone 7.

That's if the latest information from a 'trusted source' of Android Police proves accurate, with the source claiming that the smaller Pixel handset will start at $649 (around £500/AU$860), with the larger Pixel XL likely to cost even more.

$649 is the exact starting price of the iPhone 7, and up there with the most expensive phones available, which is a surprising move when you consider that the Nexus 5X launched for $379/£339/AU$659 and even the Nexus 6P was only $499/£449/AU$899.

Spreading the cost

Apparently Google will be offering financing options on the phones, which could help cushion the blow, but with price being one of the main attraction points of previous Nexus phones, these Pixel handsets would have to impress in other ways to fully justify the cost.

With rumors of the brand new Snapdragon 821 processor under the hood there's every chance they should at least have top tier specs, which could be needed to make the most of Daydream VR.

Of course it's always possible that the pricing rumors are wrong, especially as only one source is making the claim and with no evidence to back it up.

Even if the prices are accurate they could change before launch, but that would have to happen pretty soon, as Google's holding an event on October 4 where we'll almost certainly see the Pixel and Pixel XL.

James Rogerson

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