Fruit Ninja is the latest app to be getting the movie treatment

Fruit Ninja
Are you ready for the Fruit Ninja movie?

It's not immediately obvious how you would translate a game about slicing through pieces of fruit into a Hollywood blockbuster, but one movie studio is going to have a go at it nevertheless: a Fruit Ninja movie is on the way, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That's despite the mixed reviews that have greeted the launch of the Angry Birds movie, another app and film tie-in that didn't make much sense when it was first announced and still doesn't make much sense now.

At least the Angry Birds game is based around some actual characters, whereas Fruit Ninja is basically about cutting up foodstuffs - we wouldn't want to be given the job of having to come up with a screenplay based around such a flimsy premise. There is the ninja-related background, which presumably will come to the fore in the film.

In it for the money

Money talks though, and Fruit Ninja has clocked up more than a billion downloads since it was first released. Even if just a fraction of those people show an interest in going to see a movie then the producers stand a chance of making some cash on the project.

The movie is going to be produced by Tripp Vinson, whose previous credits include San Andreas and The Number 23, and it's being described as " a live-action family comedy". That sounds like it's going to be one to take the kids to at half-term.

We'd rather see the movie and video game industries just stick to what they're good at - we've seen more than our fair share of bad games adapted from movies as well as titles that appeared in the reverse order.

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