Dish leaves Sprint cold as it fixes gaze on Clearwire

Bachelor Rose
Vapid TV this ain't

If Sprint was sweating picking between Dish and Softbank like a flummoxed Bachelor contestant, then it can heave a sigh of relief as the satellite provider today said it won't make a new offer for the carrier.

Dish and Japanese-owned Softbank were in a quarrel over which would pick up America's No. 3 wireless company, but Reuters reported Dish stated it was impractical to meet Sprint's June 18 deadline for a revised offer.

Even though its bid was a few billions more than Softbank's, Sprint, which will decide on the firm's offer June 25, liked the look of more money to its shareholders.

Dish, which has some not-so-secret wireless ambitions, will now turn its attention to buying out the minority shareholders of Clearwire, already majority-owned by Sprint.

So while one drama comes to a close, another is about heat up. Grab the bubbly. It could get ugly.

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