Best iPhone Bluetooth headset: 5 compared

5 best iPhone Bluetooth headsets
5 of the best iPhone Bluetooth headsets to suit any budget

Here's an amazing thing that you may not be aware of: your iPhone is not just a fully functioning internet device that can handle browsing the web and your email, as well as running any number of powerful apps. And, while it serves well as a handy portable repository for all the photos, video and audio you might want to carry around with you, it can do even more.

Believe it or not, your iPhone can also be used to make and receive telephone calls! And it does it using the very same 3G network that you get your fancy internet connection from. Now, is that astonishing or what?

If you're planning on making a lot of calls with it, though, you might not want to be holding it against the side of your head for a long time. Ergonomically that sort of pose is bit of a non-starter. Plus, if you can't resist making phone calls when you're driving or performing delicate keyhole surgery, you're going to need some kind of extra headset. Perhaps one of those Bluetooth ones?

Now, we know what you're thinking. Bluetooth headsets? Aren't they the dominion of sales reps and estate agents and the sort of hipster type who just ran you off the pavement on one of their stupid fixie bikes? Well, maybe. But are you the sort of person to be put off getting something that you might find really useful just because of a small image problem, though? Of course you're not. You're a far better type of person.

With that in mind, we put five Bluetooth headsets together and tested them in ways that really matter - how they sound, how comfortable they are, and how they're designed - while making sure that no-one saw us doing it. Which one's for you? Read through our thorough reviews for the final verdict.

Aliph Jawbone Era - £74

Jawbone era

Etymotic EtyBlu2 - £80


GameCom P90 - £16


Jabra Wave - £38

Jabra wave

Nokia BH-609 - £40


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