Kogan's prepaid 4G is now live, offering 12GB from $49

Kogan s prepaid 4G is now live offering 12GB from 49

Though it had originally announced a June timeframe for the launch of its Vodafone-powered 4G prepaid network, Kogan has jumped the gun and launched it ahead of schedule, with customers on its 1XL, 3XL and 5XL plans now receiving 4G coverage at no extra cost.

On top of this, Kogan has also announced a new 11XL plan which offers a whopping 11GB of data, as well as an extra 1GB for anyone that signs up before July 31.

Like Kogan’s other prepaid plans, the 11XL option is available in 30 day ($49.95), 90 day ($129.95) and 365 day ($499.95) blocks.

The 11XL plan also comes with unlimited standard calls and text messages, and can be viewed on Kogan Mobile website.