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Oppo could launch new true wireless earbuds to take on Apple AirPods Pro

Oppo's previous true wireless earbuds, the Enco Free. (Image credit: Oppo)

A patent from Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has stoked rumors that it's about to launch two new true wireless earbud models – one that resembles the Apple AirPods, and one that looks like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The patent, which was spotted by 91Mobiles, describes two different earbud models; the first sporting long earbud stems and silicone tips like the AirPods Pro

Images within the patent suggest that the new true wireless earbuds will feature buttons or touch-sensitive housings, that could allow you to control your music playback, take calls, and summon your smartphone's voice assistant.

A microphone on the stem could potentially be used for active noise cancellation, though it may just enable you to make phone calls with the earbuds. A proximity sensor on the buds themselves could also allow for an auto play/pause feature, stopping your music automatically when you remove them from your ears.


(Image credit: Oppo / 91Mobiles)

Competition for Samsung?

The second true wireless earbuds model included in the patent are a little more reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, with a more compact stem-less design. Neither patent reveal a charging case for the buds.

While the new wireless earbuds could be launched as a follow-up to the Oppo Enco Free, it's important to note that a patent doesn't always translate to an actual product release – for now, we'll have to keep an eye out for any announcements from the company. 

Either way, Oppo's past earbuds have been a little hit and miss, to say the least. We recently reviewed the Oppo Enco Q1 Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones, and while we liked the design and 22-hour battery life, we weren't exactly enamored with the sound quality on offer.