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Oculus Rift price just hit rock-bottom for Black Friday

Oculus Rift began its life as a pretty expensive, niche product. At $599, it was a product for the unabashed bleeding-edge tech lovers out there. 

Over time, the Oculus Rift has seen several significant price cuts - first dropping  down to $499 and more recently to $399. But today, however, Oculus has announced its lowest price yet for the Rift bundle: $349. 

The deal, which nabs you both the headset and a pair of Oculus Touch controllers, runs from November 23 to November 27 until supplies run out and you can find the deal on Oculus’ website or, if you’d like to use up those gift cards from last year, on the Amazon, Newegg and Microsoft storefront as well. It's also worth noting Black Friday is just around the corner, with even more deals incoming.

Not sure what you’re going to play once you strap your new headset on? Oculus has you covered. The Facebook-owned VR company is offering three Complete Your Collection Packs - each of which includes seven games - bundled together for $99. If you already bought one or more of the games in the pack or obtained a code from a friend, the pack will drop accordingly. Nifty! 

If PC VR isn’t up your alley, there's also a great deal on PlayStation VR that see the headset at an unbeatably low $199 over at GameStop. Whichever headset and discount you choose, you can’t go wrong!  

Oculus Rift + Touch for $349 at Amazon
Patience is a virtue. Waiting to jump on the VR bandwagon means that you can score a massive deal on one of the best VR headsets on the market. To that end, Oculus Rift + Touch are availabe right now from Amazon, Newegg and Microsoft.View Deal

Get PlayStation VR for just $199.99 on GameStop!
If Oculus' new low price doesn't grab you - or if you'd rather explore virtual reality on consoles instead of your PC - GameStop is offering a crazy deal on PlayStation VR. From Friday until Monday you can get a PlayStation VR for just $199!View Deal