The best Vive VR deals for April 2024

HTC Vive price deals sales
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The HTC Vive is some expensive hardware, but for the price, you get one of the best virtual reality experiences on offer. Plus, you can sometimes find HTC Vive deals with discounts on the usually pricey HTC Vive or Vive Pro – and those savings really do make all the difference. All of today's best prices are right here.

The good news is we've seen the tech inside these and many more of the best VR headsets drop in price over the last few years. The HTC Vive is getting cheaper and cheaper, which means there has been no better time to invest in some high-end gaming gear, especially as it will likely be on offer in July for Prime Day.

If you're after the best HTC Vive deals available today you've come to the right place. We've brought together all the latest offers across the full range of HTC's VR headsets, so you can find the best prices for the Cosmos and Pro just below.

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Best HTC Vive VR deals

HTC Vive VR headset

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HTC Vive Cosmos

Mid-range PC headset

Wired: Yes | Minimum specs: i5-4590 or FX 8350 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 / 4GB RAM / DisplayPort 1.2 / USB 3.0 | Resolution per eye: 1440 x 1700 | Refresh rate: 90Hz | Field of view: 110°

Powerful VR headset
Larger library of games and software
Improved motion controls
A little pricey

HTC replaced its initial 2016 range of VR headsets with the Cosmos, a device designed for mid-range PC use that won't delve into the $1,000+ world of enthusiast level performance. That means you're getting a strong set of specs here, capable of playing all the latest titles in excellent quality. 

Don't get us wrong, you're still handing over a significant pile of change here, but the excellent performance and fairly low required specs make for an intriguing proposition. This headset is essentially the same as the Cosmos Elite bundle below, but you can choose whether to pick up the external tracking accessories later on or not. 

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

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HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

External tracking for your Cosmos headset

Wired: Yes | Minimum specs: i5-4590 or FX 8350 / Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 / 4GB RAM / DisplayPort 1.2 / USB 3.0 | Resolution per eye: 1440 x 1700 | Refresh rate: 90Hz | Field of view: 110°

SteamVR external tracking
New controllers
Accessories available for Cosmos

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite isn't exactly a different headset to the Cosmos above, it just adds tracking base stations of extra precision controllers for a boost in the fluidity of your experience. You're not adding any performance upgrades under the hood with this bundle, so if you think you'll likely pick up the extra tracking gear in the future it might be worth taking a look at these bundles and grabbing some free games in the process. 

HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro

An older but premium VR headset

Screen: Dual AMOLED 3.5-inch diagonal | Resolution: 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye | Refresh rate: 90Hz | Field of view: 110 degrees | Connections: USB-C 3.0, DP 1.2, Bluetooth

Improved visual videlity
Built-in headphones
No must-own title
Jitteriness with older hardware

If you have both the financial and hardware resources for it, the HTC Vive Pro is a thing of beauty. It offers a higher resolution than the standard Vive, and can take games from good looking to gorgeous. Similarly, improvements to the weight distribution and the addition of the built-in earphones help the Pro sound – and feel – as good as it makes games look. 

It's also available in a starter kit, which comes with two controllers, two base stations, a link box, and all the necessary cables and accessories. Prices are listed below.

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