The Fitbit smartwatch steps up its design in this new leak

The new Fitbit smartwatch for 2017 has popped up again, albeit unofficially, in a series of leaked photos.

Within the batch of newly-surfaced renders, we can see the likes of a device which bears close resemblance to another leak from months ago when word of Fitbit’s new wearable first started to bubble up to the surface.

The new leak from Wareable dives deeper, showing some new colors and angles of the purported device, which is said to be arriving in time for the holidays after being pushed back from its rumored September launch target.

Like the Fitbit Blaze, the new smartwatch looks to be arriving in multiple flavors, like a silver case with black or denim blue straps, and a gold case with teal.

This looks like a Fitbit, alright

This leak also offers a more in-depth visual tour that appears to show off some hardware features not previously seen in other leaks. The side angle shots showcase a smartwatch that looks a bit thicker than the Fitbit Blaze, though likely on-par with competing smartwatches.

We’re seeing the same hardware buttons used on the Blaze as well–two on the right, one on the left–which if true, tells us that the interface might not be all that different than some are expecting, given its Pebble-powered brains.

On its back, we can see a notched watch clasp in addition to the snap-in measures on the band. Additionally, the heart rate sensor and classic Fitbit-style proprietary charging port take shape.

As far as leaks go, this one seems to be hinting toward a logical next step for Fitbit. Although some might not be happy to see the company building off of its history and not opting for a grand departure, refinement is exactly what the Fitbit Blaze needed and if these leaks are true, that’s exactly what it’ll get.

Via The Verge

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