MSI targets gamers and content creators alike with its 2020 lineup

MSI Products at CES 2020
(Image credit: MSI)

At CES 2020, MSI came in guns blazing, boasting a fresh lineup of computing solutions and accessories not just for gamers, but also for content creators as well. We already know that some of the best gaming laptops out there also make for excellent machines for creative professionals, so it’s no surprise that MSI is heading in that direction.

What we didn’t anticipate, however, is their killer line-up that includes an ultraportable gaming laptop, a 240Hz portable gaming monitor, the world’s first 1000R gaming monitor, and the 10th anniversary edition of MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Lightning.

Impressive solutions for creative professionals

MSI GS66 Stealth

MSI GS66 Stealth (Image credit: MSI)

First up is the MSI GS66 Stealth gaming laptop, which MSI says is the “perfect solution for professionals who are gamers at heart.” MSI certainly hits two (or more) birds with one stone with its latest addition to its Stealth family.

The MSI GS66 Stealth isn’t just ultrathin and ultraportable. It’s got the power as well, complemented by a triple-fan cooling solution that boasts the world’s thinnest fan blades, a 99.9Whr battery and a sleek jet-black aesthetic, so it’s not too obvious you’re actually playing Control at your coffee shop haunt instead of finishing that video you’re editing. 

Not really a gamer? Well, MSI has two other laptops, one of which might be a better fit. The MSI Creator 17 professional studio was designed specifically with photographers, animators and music composers in mind. This laptop ticks off a few firsts, and it boasts 1,000 nits of peak brightness as well as supports a wide color gamut of 100% DCI-P3 for true-to-life color accuracy.

There’s also the latest MSI Prestige 14, whose color options now include rose pink with diamond-cut trimmings. Its slim chassis hosts high-end level performance and a display that boasts the Prestige series’ signature True Pixel precise color accuracy.

Gaming laptop after an enthusiast’s heart

MSI GE66 Raider

MSI GE66 Raider (Image credit: MSI)

MSI is also rolling out its latest addition to its Raider gaming laptop line. Christened the MSI GE66 Raider, this 2020 version comes with a brand-new chassis that boasts a cutting-edge panoramic aurora lighting that runs along the edge of the laptop, 300Hz gaming display and 99.9Whr battery to guarantee an even immersive gaming experience. 

Marvel and Star Wars fans will get a kick out of its limited-edition model whose design was co-created by Digital Artist Collie Wertz, concept art contributor in the Star Wars Prequels as well as Iron Man and Captain America: Civil War.

Dial for gaming?

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5

MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 (Image credit: MSI)

Not to be outdone by its own gaming laptops, MSI has also unleashed the world’s first gaming dial, featured in the new MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 gaming desktop. We don’t know how this gaming dial works exactly, but according to MSI, it lets you adjust your gaming performance on-the-fly.

Also, if we’re going for gold here, it’s also worth mentioning that MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 is the first 5G-compatible desktop on the market that tout’s MSI’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and Intel’s latest processors.

It’s all about the display

This year, MSI is rolling out now just one, not just two, but three gaming monitors, one of which is designed for portability. We’ve all seen or used one of those portable secondary screen solutions for professionals, but MSI has gone a step further with its MSI Optix MAG161 gaming monitor. This 240Hz IPS panel display is not just powerful enough for gamers and content creators. It’s also very portable at 5mm thick. Plus, it supports both Type-C and HDMI connections

By now, you’ve probably heard about the world’s first gaming monitor with 1000R curvature. Much like the recently-announced Samsung Odyssey G9, the MSI Optix MAG342CQR gaming monitor boasts a 1000R curvature for blacker blacks. It also features a Super PVA panel and the latest Quantum Dot Technology for more vibrant pictures and less eye strain.

And, finally, there’s the MSI Optix MEG381CQR gaming monitor, which utilizes Integrated HMI technology like Control Dial technology and a second front facing HMI OLED display for full gaming immersion

Accessories for content creators


MSI CK40 (Image credit: MSI)

Rounding out MSI’s 2020 releases are its MSI CK40 keyboard and MSI CM30 mouse, both of which are designed for content creators – gamers, you’re better off with proper gaming keyboard and gaming mouse.

The MSI CK40 is the first content creation keyboard from MSI, and boasts silent scissor switches, strain-repellent coating and multi-connect mode. And, it’s supposed to work beautifully with the MSI CM30, which features Kailh silent switches, a superior ergonomic design and the same multi-connect mode.

And, apparently because everybody’s now doing it, MSI is getting in on the earbuds action as well. With its MSI CH40 wireless earbuds, you can game or create content to your heart’s content without distractions from the outside world. These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology, 5G compatibility, superior ergonomics and effortless setup.

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