Motorola Edge 30 launch date teased for late February

Motorola Edge 30
(Image credit: Motorola)

We've been hearing about the Motorola Edge 30 phones from lots of leaks, not to mention the Moto Edge X30 that launched in China in 2021, but up until now Moto hadn't acknowledged its upcoming series of Android phones to succeed the Edge 20 models.

That's changed now, though, and in a tweet Motorola has teased a new Edge phone coming on February 24. The tweet consists of an image, which you can see above, as well as the hashtag #findyouredge (which tells us this is an Edge phone) and the date 02.24 - that tells us the launch date.

If we have any doubt that this is the Motorola Edge 30, it's not because we don't think new Moto Edge mobiles are coming, it's that we don't know for sure the new devices will be called the 30 family.

But since they follow the Edge 20 line, which succeeded the original Edge mobiles, it seems pretty likely - not to mention that the Edge X30 already launched, suggesting the next handsets will be the 30 family.

Leaks suggest the highlight of the new phones will be a Moto Edge 30 Ultra, which could have powerful rear cameras and be compatible with a stylus.

Analysis: a busy month for phone fans

Now and then, the planets align and a month becomes ridiculously busy for smartphone launches. It sounds like February 2022 will be like that.

Confirmed launches include the Samsung Galaxy S22 on the 9th, the Realme 9 Pro on the 16th, the Nubia Red Magic 7 on the 17th and now the Motorola Edge 30 on the 24th.

That's not even counting MWC 2022, an annual global smartphone conference, where we're expecting to see launches from most of the top mobile brands in the world.

We might not have even heard all the launches so far - companies might be keeping them under their belts until nearer the time.

So if you're a smartphone fan, you're going to have a lot to enjoy over the next few weeks. But even if you're not, and are just an average phone buyer looking for a new mobile, we'd recommend waiting until March so you can see all the new devices that are about to launch.

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