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Zune phone to be announced 7 Jan?

Zune unlikely to morph into a phone
Zune unlikely to morph into a phone

According to analysts, Steve Ballmer is expected to announce impending arrival of the Zune phone at CES 2009.

Trip Chowdhry, of Global Equities Research, asserts that the company will combine elements of the Zune interface (from the yet-to-leave the US iPod slayer wannabe) and its Danger Sidekick handheld units.

He describes how they will be using some kind of 'motion enhancement feature' (i.e. an accelerometer), in a similar way to the iPhone.

Project Pink

According to Barrons, this will be the realisation of 'Project Pink', the long-rumoured iPhone killer from Microsoft.

However, TechRadar finds it hard to believe that such a phone would be coming after the comments of Ballmer in the past, unless the handset makes some very loose use of the Zune interface.

He said in October: "I do not anticipate us building a phone. Sorry, we are not going build one".

So... that seems pretty concrete then. But don't worry, TechRadar will be there at the event, hanging on Ballmer's every word. If he so much as breathes the word Zune, then we'll let you know.