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T-Mobile: fastest mobile broadband in UK

T-Mobile - fastest mobile uploader in the west (country)
T-Mobile - fastest mobile uploader in the west (country)

T-Mobile has been voted number one in mobile broadband performance for the last quarter, outstripping the competition in the burgeoning on-the-go sector.

The company was among those tested by independent firm P3 Solutions, who measured the speed and reliability of the networks in 16 UK cities daily between 11am and 11pm. The tests were designed to see how the networks coped at peak times.

Speed freaks

T-Mobile had the fastest web-browsing experience, which was, at points, 35 per cent faster than its nearest competitor. Its upload performance was also good, capable of sending a 1MB file 59 per cent faster than rivals.

The company also came top in email sending. It was five times faster than the rest at sending an email with a 500KB attachment and occupied the top spot for email reception as well.

So, if you're on T-Mobile and love to BlackBerry the hell out of your commute, you can do it safe in the knowledge that the finance department will get your email faster than anyone else.