Digg now available on mobile phones too

Digg, Dog, Digg, Dog, Dugg
Digg, Dog, Digg, Dog, Dugg

Digg, the news recommendation site, has launched an enhanced version of its mobile site, so now users can be telling people what to read around the clock.

Designed for the new slew of smartphones, such as the BlackBerry, Treo, HTC or iPhone, which can deliver a full (ish) internet experience on a mobile device.

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Basically, this makes the mobile version a lot more like the one you would find on your PC: tabbed browsing between categories, more comments for users to view and the ability to see favourites too.

The new version also allows users to distinguish between media types, so if a story is marked as video, that will load in the browser should your phone be able to play it.

"In case your phone doesn't support a robust browsing experience, we continue to provide a basic mobile site at diggriver.com," said the official Digg blog.

Thank God for that.