You can now bag a Surface Book or Pro 4 with 1TB storage

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

If you were looking for a Surface Book in the UK, but wanted more storage than the previous top-end 512GB model, then there's some good news – a new 1TB affair is now on pre-order at the Microsoft store (the model which became available in the States back at the start of the year).

The fresh offering boasts an Intel Core i7 CPU along with 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, plus you also get the discrete Nvidia GPU.

How much will that set you back? As you can imagine, it isn't cheap, and the new high-end model is priced at £2,649. If you're willing to commit that much, the good news is that Microsoft has at least seen fit to throw in a little freebie – buyers get a free leather sleeve.

Similarly, Microsoft has also made a Surface Pro 4 with 1TB of storage available to pre-order. Again, that's with a Core i7 processor and 16GB of system memory priced at £2,199. In this case, however, the freebie is a £45 store voucher.

Same storage, different freebie

If you reserve your machine now, you should have your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book 1TB in just over a fortnight – the ship date for both devices is set at June 30 on Microsoft's online store.

Of course, some folks may already be looking to the next-gen models like the Surface Book 2, but then again we could have to wait some time for that to pitch up – the last rumor we heard was that it won't be arriving until early 2017, sadly. And as for when it will turn up in the UK… we could well be in for the usual lengthy delay on that front.

Via: Windows Central

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