T-Mobile flush with 1 million new customers, iPad Air soars to new heights

T-Mobile rising to the top

Seems like T-Mobile's Un-carrier strategy is paying off as more and more people join the network.

T-Mobile's recent earnings report shows the company gained 1 million new customers last quarter, thanks in part to the recent addition of MetroPCS.

Because of Metro's success, CEO John Legere says starting November 21 you can expect to see more of it in other markets:

"Part of our customer momentum comes from the MetroPCS acquisition. With MetroPCS we are making great progress, including the planned additional expansion of the MetroPCS brand into another 15 additional markets ..."

The Un-carrier's bigger user base also means improvements to its LTE network; the company plans on increasing LTE coverage to more cities, and broadening the spectrum in cities that already have the service - so if you're on T-Mobile or MetroPCS, be on the lookout for better speeds and more coverage.

Apple lends a hand

The arrival of the iPad Air has been a blessing for many carriers, though T-Mobile is touting its love for the tab the loudest.

T-Mo claims the still-young Air's presence on its network has helped tablet sales grow exponentially, to a point where the figures have surpassed the company's previous quarterly tab sales.

The Un-carrier did not provide actual numbers to back up its claim but AT&T is also stating triple-digit numbers thanks to Apple's latest. Apple has yet to release its own iPad Air sales figures.

In addition to the deafening clamor for the perfect iPad Air, the Un-carrier's move to provide free data for life - or 200MB if you buy or finance a tablet - will only continue to garner more attention for the company, especially since it has recently reaffirmed the offer.